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Enjoy the heavenly view outside from the inside

Made in great detail, starting from the accuracy of the frame. The tightness can reach the maximum point due to the precise installation so that the lock is more optimal. Sealants clog the gaps accurately so that the insulation works optimally and the drainage path is also running well. We choose high-performance screws to prevent wear or rust.

GREENALU Window Wall delivers the desired aesthetic of a curtain wall, ideal for mid-rise commercial projects and sophisticated private homes. It can be seamlessly integrated with a balcony door, partition door, and windows system with the flexibility to integrate further. GREENALU doors and windows system provides a wide range of partition and window wall options to satisfy all architects. We already adopt an efficient water drainage system, making water leakage a thing of the past.

Architecture Style
Contemporary, Colonial, and Mediterranean.

AAMA 2603-02, AAMA/WDMA/CSA 101/I.S.2/A440-05, ASTM E 283-0, ASTM E 547-00.

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