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Since 2010

With a background of people who have experience and expertise in the field of aluminium profiles, also been in the residential window doors sector for a long time, we merged into a team which became known as GREENALU.

Officially in 2010, we started operations and became the first and largest pioneer in Sumatra for aluminium finished goods products in the architectural segment such as doors, windows, partitions, etc. And in a short time, we have succeeded in reaching various regions in Indonesia. every product we design not only has high performance but is also able to reflect the identity of the user, while also taking part in protecting the environment by selecting materials that are easily recycled.

With continuous innovation, GREENALU continues to improve its services and continues to develop its potential and begins to expand into the international market to realise a dream home that is comfortable and harmonious, by our motto, "Making Your Home A Better Place".



Alloy 6063 & 6061 T5 (British Aluminium Alloy HE9).

Adopting AWDS (Australia Window And Doors System) & profile design refers to International ASTM to make wind flow pressure, drainage system, and noise reduction meet the standard so that you are no need to hesitate to use GREENALU products.


Powder Coating Finishing (lead-free) that has been used in more than 80 countries because it is safe for health as well as environmentally friendly and meets the ASTM D2240ASTM, D638ASTM, and D638STM standards.


We partner with several well-known companies in EUROPE (Germany and Italy) that have distant experience and have met the standards of BS EN 179, BS EN 12209, etc.

Rubber Seal & Sealant

EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer rubber) M-Class ASTM Standard D-1418 is the type of rubber seal we use. The automotive industry often uses this rubber because its quality that is safe to use, resistant to weather and has a sufficient service lifetime. The sealants we use are also silicone type sealants from major manufacturers with a history of more than half a century.

You have to accurately choose which sealant to use because not all of them are silicone-based. Proper application with the right composition is the key to product reliability against weather resistance (rain, UV rays, and dust). We also use Expansion Foam in the installation of our products because it most contributes to an insulation system that will maintain tight and balanced room temperature.

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